Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dumbing Down of Old Media

It's official.

Mark this date down in infamy.

The bloggers have won, Mr. Bissinger.

As I'm on CBS' New York affiliate's website reading about race baiter Al Sharpton chiding race baiter Jesse Jackson, my eyes wandered toward the links on the right to check out some featured content...

What is this? I thought.

Is it a link to Epic Carnival where we are competing in a "boobie bracket?" (Go Vote.)

Is it a World of Isaac special?

No wait!

It's CBS' hard hitting news.

Home of Walter Cronkite and the late Dan Rather (he's dead, right?).

This is the largest media market on the planet.

So, it's only fitting that it's THE place to go when suckas gotsta know who the hottest babes in sports are!

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