Monday, July 14, 2008

Iron Ref Round 4

Week 4 of Iron Ref begins today. We submit to you 3 more celeblogebrities who have agreed to brave HHR's Kitsch-en Stadium.

But first, the secret ingredient is....



Eric Gargiulo blogs about Pro Wrestling, MMA, football, music, television, and more for Eric's blog on, "The Camel Clutch," is the most read blog on the site. has taken articles and news from the blog and included them in their top news stories on their site. Columns from The Camel Clutch regularly appear on Yahoo Buzz and are voted number one overall in Yahoo Buzz regularly.

Eric has worked in the sports broadcasting business for 12 years. For the last 9 years he has been an announcer and host for several pro wrestling television shows, home videos, and pay-per-views. Eric is also the host of the radio show, Pro Wrestling Radio heard on WBCB 1490AM since 1999. Pro Wrestling Radio is the longest, consecutive running pro wrestling show on terrestrial radio.

Ethan Jaynes has gone sports blog crazy. He started with SEC Football Blogger last September. During the off season, he started NESW Sports. He now has Sports Blog Bucks, which is a sports blog about sports blogs. Yes, he has quickly become "That Guy". He has a beautiful wife of 6 years and an adorable baby boy that is about to turn 2. The profile pic is them both watching the 2006 Iron Bowl.

Ethan keeps on hearing about Blogfrica and wonders why it can't be Blogstralia or Blogmerica. Needless to say, he is the underdog to win this week. :-) In his spare time, Ethan also loves writing bios in third person.

Grimey is the creator of the blog LOL Jocks, where he takes photos of athletes and adds humorous captions (like the one pictured). The blog's one-year anniversary was celebrated across the nation early this July (you might recall the three-day weekend and the fireworks).

For a full description of Iron Ref, please click here.

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