Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Forthcoming Curse of Dominic DiAngi

Photo: CBS 2 Chicago

On Thursday, the 7-year-old attended his first cubs game.

Hours later he was at Children's Memorial Hospital fighting for his life while recovering from a skull fracture and blood clot after being struck in the head by a Ted Lilly foul ball.

Don't feel sorry for Dom because of his hospitalization. He is expected to go home early next week, and his doctor says his prognosis is excellent and "doesn't forsee any permanent speech and language problems resulting from the injury."

Feel sorry for Dominick for the fact that, should the red-hot Cubbies fail to win the Series this year, he will forever be associated with the likes of Steve Bartman and a Billy Goat. Delusional Chicago fans hate to accept the fact that a reason other than a fluke accident or "curse" could cause their team's perennial absence from the Fall Classic.

So rest assured, Cubs fans. When your beloved team collapses, you have a ready-made excuse at your disposal. Blame 'Lil Dominic.


Clashmore said...

You're an idiot.

First, you didn't spell his name right. Second, most people don't even know its happened. Third, curses don't exist except for in the pea-brained heads of writers like you.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Very enlightening. Thank you.

Zack said...

For a change some good news. This is such a great story with a great turn out. Dominic is so cute and sweet. God bless him and the DiAngi family and pray that Dominic continues to improve in all ways. ( :