Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy 8's

Today, our buddy Joe Student at PhillyEDGE asked some are bloggers to choose their favorite #8 in Philly sports history: "We’re going to get all WIP and ask a few notable (read: some people we know) to blog about their choice of the Philly athlete they feel has been the greatest to wear jersey No. 8 for a Philly team. (There are more than you think – the Sixers alone have several guys we’ve completely forgotten.)"

Forgettable, indeed.

I would have loved to have gone with Juan Samuel. He was one of my favorite players growing up.

But when Joe hit up Bully Dave Schultz as his pick, I knew I not only had to step up my game, but to tap into some championship nostalgia.

So with that, ladies and gentleman, I give you my nominee, from the University of North Carolina and YOUR Philadelphia 76ers #24, Robert Clyde "Bobby" Jones.




Crazy, right?

Gets better.

According to, with the 76ers, he totaled 6,585 points and 2,942 rebounds.

6+5+8+5 = 24.

And as we've already calculated, 2x4=8.


But wait.


Unless my abacus is malfunctioning, 1+7=8.


What isn't crazy though is the intensity and integrity with which Jones played the game.

One of the greatest defenders of his era, and a member of the city's last major championship team, Jones was NBA Sixth Man Award winner in that magical year of 1983, an 8-time NBA All-Defensive first team, NBA All-Defensive second team in 1985, a silver medalist in the '72 Olympics and a 4-time NBA All-Star.

He also is in the all-time top 5 leaders on the Sixers in PLAYOFF games, minutes, offensive boards, defensive boards, steals and blocks.

Making him, in my mind, one of the best players the city had seen in the woeful decade of the 19...wait for it...80's.

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