Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is ESPN Stupid, Clueless or Just Not Care?

Today, ESPN.com features a link for something called "Celebrity Car Parade" in its Autos section.

Who else would be more appropriate to spotlight on the main page than the guy whose family is embattled with legal and image issues due to a near-deadly auto accident?

That's right, brother.

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The Prophet said...

Funny thing is that the Hogan spawn's legal troubles didn't even register when I saw that picture--my first thought was "wow--ESPN programming that makes poker and cheerleading look like Ali/Frazier". My second thought was 'is Hulkster the best celeb they could find?'

And to answer your question--yeah, I know it was rhetorical but I'll answer it anyway--ESPN just doesn't care b/c they think they're bigger than the sports they report. Even when that 'sport' is just programming filler like a celebrity car auction...