Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Underwood admits Romo still calls

Hey y'all, it's Carrie. I can't get to the phone so leave a message and I might call ya back. I am just joking I am the sweetest person in the world I would never not return a phone call. Plus my vagina smells like cinnamon. Anyway, leave one.


Hey Carrie....It's Tony. Tony Romo. How are you? I am just calling to say hello. I am at camp and we have some down time so I figured I'd give you a call. I can't talk that long. T.O. will be back any minute and he gets jealous if I am on the phone for longer than a few minutes. He is so needy. Sometimes he will pull all my covers off while I sleep or fold my clothes for me just to get me to thank him and start a conversation. He also has all these prescription drugs on his desk. Like he is planning something. It's scary.

Anyway, so I was just calling.....you know....just calling to say what's up. I heard a song of yours today and I thought about you and figured I'd give you a call. Jess and I are doing great in case you were wondering. Just fantastic. I mean, the other day we got to spend the afternoon together because Joe got the squirts from bad shellfish. So we got to go shopping, play some Guitar Hero, and I am not sure but I might have gotten to second base.
Well look, I have to go, we have to be up early tomorrow. I guess just call me when you get a chance. I sleep with the phone on and by my ear.

(Later that evening)

Hey, Carrie. Tony again. Look, don't tell anyone what I told you about Jess. She is kind of sensitive to all this stuff and she gets really upset and then I have to spend all day talking to Joe and I have football to worry about.......crap....have to jet, T.O. is waking up to pee again.
(A few days later)

Hey Carebear, it's me Romeo. Remember when we used to call each other that? Pretty funny thinking back. I haven't heard from you and wanted to make sure everything was ok. So call me when you get a chance. I will keep the phone on me so I don't miss your call. Later Carebear.
(Later that evening)

Heyyyyyy Carebear.....It's T.O.! I am just checking Tony's outgoing calls while he was in the shower. I thought this was you. Don't think I don't know what's going on! YOU STAY AWAY. TONY IS MY TEAMMATE. He.....HE IS MY QUARTERBACK.
(The next day)

Hey Carrie. It's me. Look....I can't keep doing this. I can't keep calling and never hearing back from you. This isn't fair. Please call me back. Jess is driving me nuts. She put her bra on backwards this morning ok. Are you happy? Did that make you laugh? God, I love making you laugh. Please call me.

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