Friday, August 8, 2008

Make memories of terrible seasons

I am going to San Francisco for my honeymoon so a few months ago I bought tickets to a Giants game against the Diamondbacks. This automatically put me on the Giants email list for upcoming events, give-a-ways, and reasons to catch a Giants game for any other reason but the team.

I got this today and found it hysterical.

Show everyone you root for a loser franchise with a wonderful picture mousepad. Get a fan a minute gift by plastering his face on a mug so every morning he can enjoy a Cup o' Joe as he cries over the game recap of another Giants loss. How about a wall clock so you can joke to friends and family that it 'looks like time for another Giants ass-beating.'

How about a daily apology from the organization in every fan's inbox?

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gnxfan said...

Send one to Russo.