Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Linehan told to win 'or else.'

Or else.....
  • Brenda Warner and her wife Kurt are coming back
  • no dinner
  • no sleepovers with Brad Childress
  • no hot water in the coaches shower
  • once a day nut shots from an actual Ram
  • a three year contract extension (perhaps the worst form of torture possible)
  • a pep talk from Dick Vermeil in which pictures of sad puppies and sick children are shown to him
  • sex with a deceased Georgia Frontiere
  • Orlando Pace will teabag you--after practice

1 comment:

Cotter said...

- be banished to Oakland, where his primary duty will be to change Al Davis' adult diapers twice a day

Wait, Lane Kiffin already has that job. Oh well.