Thursday, November 6, 2008

Be an HHR Puppeteer

Tonight, the chief will be representing HHR (along with some of our friends from Yardbarker) at an online advertising network event (couple hundred people roughly) with open bar and after party in Boston. He worries his night may be boring. To prevent that, we've decided to make him our little puppet. After all, if he just does random shit all night, he'll be a crazy person. But if he does random shit because he is told to by our readers and staff, well then he's just loyal to our community.

So here's the deal...

chief will be handing out very creative and uniquely "huggable" business cards. While he's at it, we want to put him on a little scavenger hunt and have him photographically document it.

Here's what the HHR staff came up with. We need your help with some creative tasks.

Photo evidence of the chief:

1. With the hottest woman there.
2. Charging a drink to YB's tab.
3. White socks with dress shoes (that is not the chief himself).
4. Visibly drunk person (that is not the chief himself).
5. Someone named Harold.
6. Someone in inappropriate "business" attire (that is not the chief himself).
7. A creepily mustachioed person celebrating Movember (that is not the chief himself).
8. The man with the "gayest" drink.
9. Anyone wearing a jersey.

Suggestions Tasks in comments.


Dewey Hammond said...

1) Video of people, preferably some of them beautiful women, barking like dogs.

2) Photo of the woman who most closely resembles Kurt Warner's wife.

3) Photo of the bartender pouring a glass of Hennessy, neat.

4) Photo of beautiful woman wearing a Yankees or Orioles hat.

5) Photo of as many people as possible, all flipping the bird.

Pro-Hat Party said...

two chicks at the same time. or at least kissing.

Sox Addict said...

Ouch, no invite to the party eh?

Red Sox Monster said...

1) A photo of the chief and an attractive young lady taking down a shot of 151 together.

2) A "hipster." Man, they're annoying.

3) A photo of someone getting tackled -- and the chief should not be involved, other than to snap the photo.

The Sports Hernia said...

1) A photo of someone that looks and acts exactly like CT from the Real World (that's a layup in Boston)

2) A picture of Diana from Yardbarker wearing a drinking helmet.

3) A picture of someone whose head is destined for the animated banner of idiots seen across the top of The Sports Hernia.

Dewey Hammond said...

Unfortunately Diana won't be there. She's stuck here in Frisco.