Monday, November 17, 2008

"People just want to be around my husband"

...or something to that affect.

Muttered by one of the women on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I don't watch the show, but I am always hanging around while the wife is catching up with what feels like a 43 hour marathon. Anyway, the paraphrased quote was from Lisa Wu-Hartwell the wife of former NFLer Ed Hartwell. To put the quote in context, the Hartwell's find that the easiest way to get investors involved in their business plans or to get their foot in the door anywhere is to 'career drop' Ed's former profession. Sure his name might ring a bell with local Atlanta sports fans/business men but when you attach 'former NFL player' then everyone takes notice. Everyone wants to meet and rub elbows with former athletes.

Lisa and her husband are entrepreneurs, trying to make his fleeting fame and money last for as long as possible by investing in other businesses and starting a few of her own. Every athlete needs to plan for the future whether it's in broadcasting, sports writing, fund raising, or even the private sector. Then there is the rare athlete who thinks he can excel at them all. Or anything really.

Take for instance, Pags.

Mike Pagliarulo, a below average third baseman best known for his porn 'stache, opened shop at Dugout Central, where "Mike Pagliarulo and baseball fans discuss our national pastime." While Pags is seldom correct about anything he jots down, to his credit he has surrounded himself on the site with some reasonably informative and knowledgeable writers.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, recently, HHR reader and sometime contributor Assassin Ave brought to our attention

Yes, it appears Dorsey Levens has a football blog ala Pags (only not as bitter and full of misinformation).

Despite rave reviews by pseudo-celebrities and former athletes:
  • “Great website Dorsey! Colorful and informative!” Bernard Berrian - WR, Minnesota Vikings
  • "Coolsite. Way to go, Dorsey!" Bill Bellamy, Comedian
  • "Great site!" Michael Merriweather, Retired NFL Linebacker 1982-93 Steelers / Vikings
  • "Love the site, keep up the excellent work!" Mark Jenkins, Celebrity Trainer
  • "This site is awesomely creative. For one guy who played in the NFL to another, this is the site that every NFL fan should be looking at!." Roger Craig, former San Francisco 49ers All-Pro running back
It's rather, how you say?...rather pointless?

Not nearly as pointless as the aforementioned former San Francisco 49ers All-Pro running back Roger Craig's fantasy site:

While some people may just want to be around other folks' husbands, it seems some of those husbands more accurately just want to be around people.

Don't get us wrong. We find the practice of athletes, current and former, taking their message directly to fans admirable. We would just recommend said messages be entertaining, informative and/or newsworthy. Otherwise they risk coming off as former jocks not willing to give up the spotlight they spent their entire formidable years basking in.


Pro-Hat Party said...

totally agree. when viewing that blog i just thought "what on earth is the point of this crap?"

keep up the good work, HHR.

Jimmy Scott said...

It's not just these guys. Look at most athlete blogs, aside from Schilling's 38 Pitches, and you'll get no sense of what these guys are really like. Instead, it's watered-down, blandness. If you go to players at MLBlogs, you'll see missed opportunity after missed opportunity.

- Jimmy Scott
Jimmy Scott's High & Tight

joshua said...

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