Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Headlines You Won't See Going into NFL Playoffs (But Should)

Lions Win Crabtree Sweepstakes

Reggie Brown Wonders What He Could Do with a #1 QB

Vince Young Refuses to Return Captain's Patch

Favre Gets Mangini Fired

Dennis Green to be Paraded Out to Fulfill Coaching Interview Quotas

Cowboys Become First Team with Two Roy Williams to Miss Playoffs; Emmitt Smith Still Picks Cowboys to Win Super Bowl

Marvin Harrison Offers Life Advice, Tips to Plax Burress: "Next Time Shoot Someone Else"

Nelson Peterson Tries to Wager 3 Packs of Smokes on Vikes Wild Card Weekend; Denied at Vegas Sports Book

Romeo Crennel To Serve As Carl Winslow In Long Awaited "Family Matters" Movie

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