Thursday, December 4, 2008

HHR Hugs it Out [12.04.08]

Jamie Peery Bahama Bikini Shoot (The Bachelor Guy)

A tribute to the boob tattoo (Afrojacks)

Holy Sh*t, Ligers Are Real! (YepYep)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Power Rankings (Gunaxin)

Jennifer Ellison is Naturally Buoyant (MoonDog Sports)

The 12 Hottest "Sloppy Second" WAGS (The World of Isaac)

Tucson, AZ: UofA Drinkin' & Dinin' (& More Drinkin') (Fan Foodie)

Need advice about the stock market? Ask 50 Cent (Epic Carnival)

Go to Orlando, FL for the hot female bartenders...not the people. (Observation Bubble)

Just another sucker (This is Illuminati)

Pussycat Dolls want to get under your clothes (Celebridiot)

People who are famous for no reason (the Jebbica)

Spotter Delivers The Nut Shot (Tasty Booze)

OOPS! (Banned In Hollywood)

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