Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HHR Hugs It Out [12.10.08]


Bonds Back Tat (The Sports Culture)

Fear and loathing at the winter meetings (

The Team That Don't Punt (Strait Pinkie)

Chris Woooooo! Webber (NESW)

10 Reasons CC signed with the Yanks (Gunaxin)

Yankees sign Sabathia: That is not what I had in mind (This is Illuminati)

10 things more stable than a NBA Head Coaching Position (The World of Isaac)

Top 10 adjustments for the Chicago Cubs in the wake of the Tribune bankruptcy (Epic Carnival)

Let's talk about chicks man...

The Bad Girls of Momma’s Boys (The Bachelor Guy)

Perhaps the greatest chick outfit ever (Bright Black Internet)

Lindsay Lohan has cleavage any lesbian would enjoy (Celebridiot)

Sammy Braddy 2009 Topless/Nude Calendar (MoonDog Sports)

Violeta Reseva looks stunning in the September issue of MAX SFW (Observation Bubble)

John Bobbit, Eat Your Heart Out (YepYep)

Blow hole or second a-hole? (Afrojacks)

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