Sunday, December 7, 2008

Iron Ref: Last Semi Final

Here's the last match-up of Iron Ref before the long awaited final. Whoever wins this one will go up against Lady Andrea for the right to become HHR's Ultimate Iron Ref (of 2008). I know what you're thinking and you are right - it's kind of a big deal, and it makes all those people who get knighted by royalty look like little bitches in comparison.

Once again we have a panel of judges for the Semi Finals who are gracious enough to let us tell people they've gotten themselves mixed up in this slow motion car accident.

AJ Daulerio of Deadspin.
Matt Ufford of With Leather & KSK.
Dewey Hammond of Yardbarker

Here's our two Semi Finalists:

Evan is the founder/writer of Stanley Cup of Chowder and is one of 3 Bruins fans left in the Boston area. Having recently earned a Master’s degree, Evan is over-educated and unemployed. He currently resides with his parents, making him a self-parody of the stereotypical sports blogger… and yes ladies, he is single. When he isn’t compiling lists of Olympians with names that sound like genitalia or live blogging about racewalking at 2 in the morning, Evan can be found terrorizing goalies in his beginner’s hockey league.

Jeff Pyatt, managing editor of RealClearSports, is a former biochemist turned political flak turned sports blogger. As a college pitcher, he holds a claim for worst player in NCAA history, bringing his ERA down from infinity to a more respectable 27.00. Pyatt currently resides in Arlington, Virginia, where he spends most of his idle time at the batting cage in hopes of becoming the Baltimore Orioles next third basemen.

Monday, the gloves come off. Or on. To be honest, I don't even have a pair of gloves yet. So forget about the whole gloves thing. Serious. Let it go.

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