Monday, December 8, 2008

WWE Slammy Award Scavenger Hunt

Tonight I will be heading to the Wachovia Center to relive a bit of my youth after being offered tickets (and possibly a backstage pass) for tonight's WWE Raw in Philly, which will feature the Fed's first Slammy Awards in over a decade.

I really haven't followed sports entertainment since the demise of ECW. So, to keep me on my toes, the HHR staff has compiled a to-do list of things to be on the lookout for and photographically document. Feel free to add your own in comments.
  • Austin 3:16 or 'Smell What the Rock is Cooking' t-shirts
  • Luchadore Masks
  • Homemade Championship belts
  • "I'd Rather Be In Chyna" sign (bonus if held by Triple H)
  • A legitimately hot chick with all her teeth
  • A mullet (bonus points for torn sleeves to go with it) - not on a wrestler
  • Picture of wrestler pointing directly at me
  • Picture of me putting a random kid in a headlock
  • "That black guy that dressed up as Hulk Hogan at every ppv event, provided he is not dead"
  • An NWO poster
  • Dynamic Dave
  • Stone/acid washed jeans
  • Jorts
  • Philly's own "ECW Hat Guy"
  • Dudleys
  • Local Athletes
  • Spanish Announcers' Table Being Destroyed


The Sports Hernia said...

If you see Jose Luis Rivera, pin him. (It can't be that hard.)

If you see Jim Powers, mess up his hair.

If you see Ivan Putski, ask him how his chest hasn't exploded yet.

And by all means, do the BushWacker's dance with a beer vendor.

hemanth said...

2008 WWE Slammy Awards Categories

* Superstar of the Year
* Match of the Year
* OMG Moment of the Year
* Diva of the Year
* "DAMN!" Moment of the Year
* Tag Team of the Year
* Best Musical Performance
* Best Finishing Maneuver
* Extreme Moment of the Year
* Couple of the Year

There will also be a other Slammy Awards presented on the Offical WWE website;

* Breakout Star of the Year
* Announcer of the Year
* Best Exclusive
* Best Impersonation

Results ->