Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ariel: Recapping Biggest Loser Premiere

Wow, what a big night. And I mean that literally. Big. Large. Huge. This is the biggest group that they've ever started with on the Biggest Loser and I can't wait to see the transformations.

Riddled with twists and turns, such as having the contestants workout without their trainers, and sending home 9 contestants, this season is surely one to watch. I love the first night of the show because you can really see who has what it takes to stay, who might be the dark horse of the competition, and who is going to cause the most drama, i.e. Vicky from this past season.

So, here are just a few observations from last night's episode.

Gray Team: Carla and Joelle, Best Friends - I liked these ladies off the bat - lots of sass and moxy - looks like they could kick some ass. Reminded Ren and I of the "Reality Check" skit from Mad TV. Although, we think that they made the wrong decision of sending Carla home - as the largest woman, she has the most to lose.

Brown Team: Ron and Mike, father/son - Ron is extremely large, 430lbs, and apparently had gastric bypass surgery. I am going to venture to say it was unsuccessful. Ren comments, "Gastric Bypass, is that cheating?" My answer, "Cheating? He weighs 430lbs." Pretty much ended the conversation right there.

Blue Team: Filipe and Sione, Cousins - two cousins from like Samoa or something. I like these two, and I think they have the ability to stay in the game a while. They will lose a lot of weight, and they seem like they'll be well-liked, and therefore avoid elimination.

Green Team: Laura and Tara, friends - Apparently these girls are former models. Going to bite my tongue here, but the one girl, Laura complained and whined, and it showed when her teammate Tara lost 21lbs in the first week, but Laura only lost 13. Good number, but you can tell who's weight problem is more physical, and who's is more mental. If you aren't committed to losing the weight, then stay home and let someone else who IS committed be there and get healthy.

Orange Team: David and Daniel, best friends - I couldn't not say something about these two guys. At 23 and 19, they basically each have maybe 10 years more to live, at the rate they were going. They are extremely morbidly obese - this is why I watch this show, and think that even though it exists because people like me are obsessed, it does change lives, and hopefully inspires others to change their lives. I pray these guys get the weight off and keep it off.

So, these are just a few that stand out... I am sure we'll see some more of the true personalities in the coming weeks.

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