Monday, January 19, 2009

Preserving History: Your NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals

After each major sporting event, HHR takes a look at how it is portrayed in news print in some of the nation's leading dailies. Part out of curiosity, and part to preserve the dying medium.

As the Chicago St. Louis Phoenix Arizona Cardinals put a stake through the hearts of Philly fans, I was surprised their weren't more, frank "Holy Sh*t" headlines.

AZ Republic

AZ Republic Playoff Extra

AZ Republic 2009 NFC Championship Souvenir Edition

AZ Daily Star
Philly Inquirer

Philly Daily News

Bucks County (PA) Courier Times


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1 comment:

The Mitten said...

I just wish the Philly Inquirer would tone it down from now on. That’s shoddy journalism, that’s what that is.