Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Images

Sure, there were some great scenes in sports this weekend. But can they match the enjoyment of these few snapshots I grabbed when I was out-and-about?

Go Steagles

As reported on ESPN, the PA Turnpike Authority is rooting for a Turnpike Super Bowl. Consider it half a jinx.

Cut That Meat! Cut That Meat!

Hard times have befallen MB3 and his fellow Cowboys following yet another disappointing season.

I Can Summarize in 11 Ways

Way #1: Be born with favorable physical genetics that enable you to grow to 6'9".

Way #2: Learn to bounce a rubber ball.

Way #3: Practice bouncing rubber ball.

Way #4: Find a school that will pay you to bounce rubber ball.

Way #5: Find an employer that will pay you to bounce rubber ball.

Way #6: Earn lots of disposable money bouncing rubber ball.

Way #7: Try to be a late night talk show host for the hell of it.

Way #8: Find people who think you are business savy because you are 6'9" and can bouce a rubber ball.

Way #9: See if they'll pay you to write a book.

Way #10: Sucker fans of ball bouncing into thinking you know about business.

Way #11: Sell them book.

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