Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dr. Yuri Effed Up

There was an interesting quote in A-Rod's presser that hasn't gotten enough attention.

"We went outside team doctors, team trainers. It was two guys doing a very amateur and immature thing. We probably didn't even take it right."

First, let me say this...If you are going to take these drugs, for pete's sake take them correctly.

Second, I think the fact that journalists didn't follow-up on this comment solidifies the role of investigative bloggers like HHR have in bringing the public answers to burning questions.

Here's what we dug up (via our cousin whose identity we intend to protect)...

Dr. Cousin Yuri, when procuring the drugs, did A-Rod no favors when he accidentally put this label on it:

Cousin A-Rod, being "young and stupid" and not knowing any better, put the shit in his ear.

Case closed.

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