Monday, February 9, 2009

Mediocre Linebacker to Intern at Chick Mag

Following the in the footsteps of Sean "Creamy Thighs" Avery, Eagles middle linebacker Stewart "Angel Eyes" Bradley will be shedding his "manly" image to intern at a women's fashion mag.

As for the linebacker, meet Stewart Bradley, Elle’s newest intern. The Philadelphia Eagle started Tuesday in the fashion department and seemed at home among the stylish set, quickly rattling off the credits for his ensemble (PRPS jeans, Diesel shirt and PF Flyers kicks). But don’t assume he’s following in former New York Ranger/Vogue intern Sean Avery’s footsteps — even if one of his co-workers accidentally called him Sean. “I’m much nicer than Sean,” Bradley said.
Obviously, these publications are not learning from their mistakes. Shortly after Avery's internship, Vogue's parent company Conde Nast went on to make deep company-wide cuts. Coincidence?

If the "Avery Factor" holds true, look for "Stewart Bradley is gay" rumors to surface soon, for him to call out and belittle former love interests, and for the Eagles to release Bradley. One can only hope.

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