Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Win Stuff: What's RIGHT with this picture?

There was such a great response to our earlier call to identify things that were normal in a given picture, we decided to do it again. In the comments, identify five things that are completely normal about this situation (other than if you are at a Royals/Indians spring training game you deserve such a fate).

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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Bob Mantz said...

1. Guy on right certainly a Royals fan.

2. The game ended in a tie.

3. Mostly everyone took the stadium's name literally (Surprise Stadium)

4. At Least 4 guys wore the Arizona uniform - yellow shirt, khakis.

5. Farnsworth wears those glasses for a reason.

John said...

It's perfectly normal to have Richard Roundtree at a spring training game.

Taylor said...

1 - there's a guy with a fanny pack on

2 - the lady that just got clocked by a foul ball has blood literally running down her arms

3 - the emt brought ice

4 - the guy with beer in his hands doesn't give a shit

5 - the oldest guy in the picture has the biggest brimmed-all-the-way-around hat on and don't forget those blue blockers

bowenarrow said...

1. The woman is taking care of the patient, while most the men are simply onlookers

2. Most the seats are empty (it's a Royals game right?)

3. That nerd on the right is shocked, and wants no part in helping the guy.

4. The weather looks amazing (Arizona in March ftw)

5. Chris Brown is nowhere to be found, ba dum bump!

J said...

1.) The guy with the fanny pack is overweight.

2.) The dark-skinned guy above looks strangely concerned he will be blamed for this.

3.) "Slapping a towel on it" is sitll considered a valid medical treatment

4.) Girl got hurt because she can't catch, naturally.

5.) The guy on the far right is understandably scared.

Meghan said...

1. No one seems to be wearing fan apparel.
2. People are looking on with a mixture of horror and intrigue.
3.No one is actually watching the game.
4. The old man is wearing a big brimmed hat with a chinstrap.
5. There's a fat woman showing too much pale leg.

Paneech said...

1. Obviously the game was not sold out.

2. The game was sold out but everyone scattered to find the bloody foul ball that ricocheted off the poor womans nose.

3. The guy on the right feels bad for not catching the ball to protect his mother.

4. The guy on the right feels bad because his mother used her face to protect him.

5. The guy on the right is shocked because the visiting teams batter was able to foul off that wicked slider.

lucas said...