Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HHR at the NFL Draft Classic

We mentioned it earlier, and now we have something a bit better than fuzzy pictures taken on a Blackberry to give you the full NFL Draft Classic experience. A few videos below - with more to come - courtesy of our friend Ben at Beryllium Pictures and Rob of rrbaker.

This first one gives you the best idea of the environment. Sadly I could not get the women with the sparklers to take a moment to discuss the important issues of the day. Which in my mind were the patron shots they were carrying.

When asked what the rookies had to look forward to, I never got an answer like, "They will be treated with the utmost respect and concern for their image." Half the time they would just cackle, and keep their lips tight. Ray Rice at least had advice beyond 'shave your head now because it's gonna get cut anyway, meat.'

This gentleman was probably the most articulate dude in the club. Which is why his well reasoned, logical, and thoughtful answers belong nowhere on this site.

And finally, we have a great montage that shows why I think the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room may be one of the most fun, well-dressed, and 'deceptively' well-read in the NFL. I just realized now that Uche actually says, "Cause the Goose gon' get loose!" at the end. Even with the new unis? That may be too ambitious.

We have more to come, including a very unfiltered Brandon Jacobs as well as Uche himself saying he would give all this up to go to BLOGS WITH BALLS.

All in all a great night, and as someone said to me earlier, "I think I found my Cheers." I've never done the reporter gig before, but aside from the insane hours, the sobriety, and being hated by some of the people who you were there to see, it's all around a good time.

Related question - do I go somewhere to pick up my Pulitzer Prize now or do they just send it to me? I don't want to get stuck with any shipping charges.

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Don Flamenco said...

Good work, Lucas. I think you've found your calling...