Friday, April 10, 2009

Rusty Reckons: The Easter Bunny 250

Rusty's just funning yah! There's no such thing as the Easter Bunny 250. In fact, the Cup isn't even running this weekend. Though the Nationwide boys will be down in Nashville...good music town. Nationwide is starting a new thing this year called Dash 4 Cash. It's an effort to try and focus on the non-Cup guys.

You see, a lot of the guys running in Cup like to moonlight in a Nationwide car. It's kind of synonymous with A Rod going to play with the Triple A club. So, needless to say, the Cup guys (*cough* Kyle Busch *cough*) often dominate the series. Used to be, the Nationwide (formerly Busch), was where the up and comers could make their hay. Guys like Dale Jr. and Matt Kenseth cut their teeth competing in the second tier series.

Before the COT, the cars were different, but the differences were mostly in the engine (around 550 hp for the Nationwide, but pushing 850 for cup). Nationwide didn't adopt the new COT platform, though, meaning it still runs the more aero-dynamic cars, but with the engines still only getting around 550 hp. Now, the differences are huge. There are also some rules differences like limits on the number of tires per team. The idea being to keep the competition open to more of the teams without deep pockets. Problem is, a lot of what we used to call Busch-wackers (guys with full time Cup rides) are coming down to the Nationwide series to spoil the fun. The Dash for the Cash aims to quell that little issue.

First of four Dash 4 Cash races Saturday at Nashville

The Dash for Cash is a great idea, as far as Rusty is concerned. It's a series of four races with an extra little payout to non-Cup regular drivers if they win one of the four events. The driver (again, not a Cup regular) who accumulates the most points during those four races also gets a nice little cash bonus.

The idea is to generate attention (the events are at non-Cup tracks) and interest for the real Nationwide guys. If the Nationwide series is going to continue to function as the feeder series for the Cup, then stuff like this is crucial. The Shrub, Mr. Ed., and others who seem to be going down there week after week, need to knock it off, and let it be a place for the new guys to show their stuff. Rusty tries to steer clear of offering his opinion on how NASCAR runs things, but this is where he's going to tip his hat to the men in the tower.

This is a good one. In fact, it's almost as good as the cheddar-Bo biscuit...almost.

JR Prediction

No prediction this week, since he ain't running. Rather, Rusty's going to take the time to bask in the glory of his previous week prediction. I rarely (if ever) go out on a limb to make a prediction on who's going to victory lane. Last week, I broke with tradition and said the 24 team would break it's winless streak AND get it's first win at Texas. Well, I was right!!!!! Ole Rusty was spot on the money! Don't get used to it, though, cause a blind squirrel does find an acorn every now and then, but I'm sure going to bask in my glory while i can.

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