Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gatorade Continues to Evolve

After the cryptic series of "What is G" spots for the newly branded thirst-quencher, Gatorade is re-tweaking not only their ad strategies, but their products as well.

To help launch the reformulated Gatorade Tiger Focus as Tiger makes his comeback at the Masters, the company developed a new animated spot which aired this morning on ESPN and MTV, "Woods of Wisdom."

It's an interesting strategy. While most sports drinks tout the physical benefits of their products, Gatorade is touting Tiger Focus as "advanced hydration to help promote mental focus, as inspired by Tiger Woods’ legendary mental toughness."

Not something you think of when stopping in the 7-11 for a bottle on the way to the slo-pitch game, is it? But hell. If the science is there, who knows? If this takes off, perhaps a drink line with rocket scientists and MIT students isn't too far off!

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