Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From The D.C. Bureau: James Loney Is Probably On Steroids

From Special Agent Blue Pulaski, DC Bureau (Blame him if Loney decides to go Ibanez on blogs)

Apparently, Man-Ram really had an effect on one of his teamates. Think of all that tired "Manny being Manny" talk back before he was outed as a hormonal female. This morning, the L.A. Times breaks some news with a profile on Dodgers first baseman James Loney. The Times quotes teammates who describe Loney's personality with suspiciously Manny-esque adjectives such as "dumb," "spacey," and "unaffected."

However, the case against Loney gets really interesting when you read pitcher Randy Wolf's comments about Loney's physical appearance, "Crazy legs and crazy eyes. He's like a baby giraffe."

While they don't come right out and say it, is it possible his teammates are trying to tell us something?

"He's very left-handed," Randy Wolf says. "He's out there."

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