Monday, June 8, 2009

Nats President Downplays First Pick of Phenom Stephen Strasburg

The Nationals have been a comedy of errors since the team's relocation to the Nation's Capitol. In an post today at with Nats president Stan Kasten, interviewer Nate Penn does little to sugar coat. Hell, the title is even: "The Really, God Awful, Bad News Bears: Are the Washington Nationals the worst franchise in history?"

In addition to touching on the team's mediocrity, Penn also asks point blank about the direction Washington will head in tomorrow's MLB draft, where the team has the #1 pick and experts have all but locked San Diego State's Stephen Strasburg in that slot.

Amanda Wurlitzer?

Stephen Strasburg could do for the Nats what Lincecum has done for the Giants. Undoubtedly there’s a fair amount of pressure to draft him. Will you do it and can you sign him?

On June 9th we’re going to take the player we think is the best player. We know what #1 picks get; we expect to sign our guy. The system isn’t going to change for any one circumstance, for any one situation. We know how players get drafted, how they get paid, how long it takes them to develop, what steps are necessary. We’re gonna take the best player we can.

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