Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity."

I would love to address the situation that has lead to the @HHReynolds Twitter account being suspended, but unfortunately, I have no idea what prompted this after my 5200+ tweets.

I really hadn't done anything out of the ordinary.

In general, I don't spam, I engage, converse, retweet, and am an advocate for the platform.

Hopefully things get resolved quickly. But I'm really disappointed by the handling and the lack of clarity in having it resolved.

That said, I really appreciate the outpouring of support from the #saveHHR revolution (h/t @chrisilluminati). Keep fighting the good fight - an impressive display of unity in the community that won't be forgotten.

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Family Fitness Files said...

Hope it is resolved soon. You are insightful, intelligent and interact with fans as you would a friend, and that is refreshing and appreciated.
~Donna (dbwrite4u)

Simon said...

This is pretty much nonsense