Friday, August 14, 2009

Nets Get Ridiculous

The economy is hurting sports all over but the ticket package that the New Jersey Nets have just rolled out is ridiculous. Courtesy of my friend Jim, a lifelong Nets fan from the days of Ed O'Bannon and Chris Morris comes this reversible jersey package. For just $350 bucks you get tickets to 10 games, a subscription to the NY Post and 5 reversible NBA jerseys. These jerseys on one side are Nets players and on the other are some of the famous players that will be coming to play the Nets. So if things start going bad this season, just flip that Yi Jianlian jersey over and you can rock the Kevin Garnett. The big question, as Jim points out is who in their right mind is ever going to reverse their LeBron James jersey for a Jarvis Hayes uniform? Probably nobody. Don't look for the Lakers or Magic to be pulling this promotion anytime soon. I think they enjoy promoting just their own players enough.

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