Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 11

This week’s Blogs With Balls Show on the JoeSportsFan Radio Network is now available.

Download Episode 11 Here.

We get a very interesting perspective on sports and media from author, producer, columnist, speaker and professor Dave Hollander. After going from music promotion to interviewing various legendary sports figures (whom we quiz him on in Skyped Up) and compiling the conversations in 52 Weeks: Interviews with Champions!, Hollander has been a columnist for AOL Sports, The Huffington Post,, New York Press, Interview and Penthouse (among others).

He is also an adjunct professor at the New York University Tisch Center for Sports Management, where he teaches a graduate course on Sports Management that "focuses on the marketing concepts and strategies involved in developing and implementing initiatives for sports and leisure products" with "emphasis is placed on positioning, programming sub-strategy, distribution, pricing strategies, regional sports networks, managing media, the Internet, building relevance for younger generations, and the unique nature of non-profit marketing."

It's a very candid conversation on what journalism as a whole has become and an uncensored look at online media from someone who has both practiced in the medium and teaches about its relationship to marketing.

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Unconfirmed Player Note: Nothing turned on Ricky more than seeing himself nude in the clubhouse mirror.

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