Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 21

This week’s Blogs With Balls Show on the JoeSportsFan Radio Network is now available.

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Lucas has long been an advocate that the future of sports blogging lies in content producers adopting more than just the written word and dabbling in audio and video. We kick off the week talking a little about some folks who do the latter quite well.

Our ballsy blog of the week belongs to our good friends at The Global Sports Fraternity who did an absolute phenomenal job creating original, entertaining content at the Super Bowl in Miami.

Most notably, GSF's Henry Lowenfels gave Lions QB Matt Stafford the business at the Gatorade Fitness Lab.

We'd be remissed talking video if we didn't mention our BwB videographers and editors Ben Eckstein and Rob Baker, as well as the great work done by Wondershot Productions (who gave us the BwB opening/welcome video).

Our favorite ongoing use of video-that-should-be-its-own-TV-show is from our podcasting partners at Joe Sports Fan, who this week brought us the return of The Softball Guy.

An Exclusive, Emotional Interview with Softball Guy from on Vimeo.

Our guest this week was a panelist at Blogs With Balls 1.0 in New York and winner of the inaugural Blogs With Balls Charity Poker Shootout, Adam Best.

Best is the co-founder (with his brother Zach, a web designer) and senior editor of the sports network as well as the site that launched the network, Arrowhead Addict.

What sets FanSided apart from its competitors is the family-like business approach that Adam has taken to advancing it. Adam talks about the progression from blogging on his Chiefs site to creating the original make-up of FanSided as an NFL blog network to one encompassing multi-sports and housing 135 different sites. He taps into the importance of forging strategic partnerships, like he has with Sports and CBS Sports.

He also recently launched, a site dedicated to his other passion - film.

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