Thursday, February 18, 2010

CR Dunbar's Olympic Sized Bits and Pieces

I am going to tap into the eye of the tiger for today's bits and pieces:
  • Americans had a bigger blowout last night than DJ Pauly D.
  • If Scott Hamilton's head explodes into a bloody stump tonight from all twirling excitement, what happens? I imagine they have a contingency plan for this.
  • Lindsey Vonn, so hot, want to touch the heiney. Aaaooo!
  • When reporters get bored, they get snippy. I blame the lack of "services" now available to keep them happy on Tiger Woods.
  • Surrender! (Keep an eye on Skier #2)
  • What's the equivalent in Canada of Americans having their picture on the Wheaties box? Labatt Blue 12-pack?
  • I haven't seen the bandanna try to make a comeback like this since Napoleon Dynamite.

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