Friday, April 23, 2010

NY Giant to for Philadelphia Eagle? What is This World Coming to?


As an Eagles fan, it always seemed to me that the epic NFC East battles in the trenches between Jon Runyan and Michael Strahan always seemed to tip in favor of the gapped-toothed sack monster.

Now, according to a South Jersey political leader (and the Philadelphia Daily News), Strahan is making up for all those sacks against Runyan by helping raise money for the O Lineman's Congressional race.

When you think of probable NFL supporters of Jon Runyan you might logically conclude a quarterback or two he protected, or a couple of running backs he cleared a path for. However, an early NFL supporter of Jon Runyan is none other than New York Football Giant Michael Strahan.

The Eagles and Giants have a long-standing and fierce rivalry. The two directly competed against each other on the field. When you think of the competition between the two it is hard not visualize numerous high-speed impacts. During game time neither had any love for the other. Now both are retired from the game and are working together.

According to Dan Gross at the Philadelphia Daily News, Strahan will help Runyan raise money to take on John Adler in New Jersey’s third congressional district race.

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