Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kenny "The Jet" Smith Talks Draft, Free Agency and Worldwide Wes with Cadillac Mescallade

With the NBA Draft tipping off tonight in New York City, TNT NBA analyst and former NBA guard Kenny "the Jet" Smith was kind of enough to spend a few minutes with HHR. Kenny is in the news for a tongue-in-cheek petition to reinstate the two dollar bill to coincide with Taco Bell's $2 Meal Deals.

We all know what Charles Barkley has done for the "box that rocks" with Taco Bell. Kenny jokingly assured us he isn't following in Charles' footsteps, because if that were the case there might not be any $2 meals left.

We touched on a wide variety of NBA topics, and here's what Jet had to say.

On the chemistry of he and Charles Barkley Inside the NBA...
It just kind of naturally happens, it's like when you have friend, you have chemistry with him or you don't. It's nothing that we plan or plot, I think we are so enthusiastic about the game of basketball which leads to good conversation. Once you lead to good conversation it leads to good television.

On John Wall's best attribute or skillset...
I think he has alot of skill sets and I don't know if he has one that is best. His infectious way of playing, I think that is going to carry him a long way in the point guard position

Free agency, how much movement?
There's gonna be movement for sure, there are too many great players available and when you have that many loaded up with free agency I don't think your gonna have a consistent 7-8 guys staying at home and staying with the teams they play on, I think there will be 7-8 guys that might move over to somewhere, there will be about 7-8 players that will move.

As a New York guy, where is Lebron headed, possible to the Knicks?
(Laughs) I think Lebron James has been playing it close to the vest for the last two months and we are all waiting in the wings to figure it out. I don't think anyone has the upper hand or any team has a clear advantage.

If not Lebron, who is good for NY?
When you don't make the playoffs there is no one guy or two guys that you don't need. They're in a position of having a need in all areas.

His career in free agency, how did it compare to these days...
Well I think its a different era in terms of that. By the time I was a free agent I was in my fifth year, my decision was based solely on what players they had there, period. It had nothing to do with as much financially, everything was going to be about the same financially so it was all about the players that were there and would we have a chance to win an NBA championship and could I be a part of that puzzle.

Evolution of NBA Draft, any changes since his time (Smith was the 6th overall pick in 1987)?
The draft hasn't changed, it's still exciting stuff for players and family are involved, its an opportunity that people get to be a part of and its always exciting

Worldwide Wes, is he that well connected as articles and news pieces report?
Some of it's fact, some it's fiction. It's like the big is the fish you caught? There are a lot of guys in basketball, Wes included, that have been an integral part in helping guys guide their carers. He's no different form the rest. Lately the players he's been involved with have been better players. There are guys that are involved with 7th and 8th man on the team they just haven't been the best players. It's just a great cycle for him in terms of the guys he's involved with are very good players and now he's parlayed that into representing coaches.

William Wesley with LeBron James. (Paul Sancya/Associated Press)

Knicks back in playoffs?
It all depends on this summer, until we see what they have after July, then we'll know when they can make the playoffs or not.

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