Thursday, October 7, 2010

CBS Sports Fooled by College Message Board Trolls

An article by TJ Corbs Corbs, which a source in-the-know tells us is a fictitious and satirical author on Bleacher Report (a content partner with CBS), was featured On the main page of the college basketball page.

The article essentially was about how Seton Hall should be kicked out of the Big East. Granted, it is positioned as editorial, but the fact of the matter is that the piece was written as a ruse...for no other reason than to incite Seton Hall fans.

Evidence of this can be seen by simply looking at the VU Rivals message board.

Clearly, Wildcat fans are in on the joke. Comments include:
  • TJ Corbin is a compelling journalist. His career began 2 days ago and already he is an internet sensation.
  • Buzz Bissinger's head would explode if he knew about these journalistic shenanigans.
  • Remind me never to go to cbssports for sports news.
  • Can someone post this link on PirateScrew?
  • Finally broken through. This is an unbelievable development - one that we will look back on in ten years as a major accomplishment.
  • Thats unbelievable. CBS sports is a joke.
  • it's official - reliable, credible journalism is dead - long live the internet where fans can author articles made from whole cloth for no reason other than to tweak fans of rival teams
  • please make Providence your next victim - a buddy of mine went there and it would make my year

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