Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jason Sehorn Part I: On USC, College Football and Unsavory Agents

In addition to Keyshawn Johnson, we caught up yesterday with another former USC Trojan (and NFL cornerback) Jason Sehorn. Sehorn, who is now doing color for Army home football games on CBS College Sports Network, was outspoken about issues affecting players in both the college and pro ranks.

We broke the interview up into two segments. Below is the NCAA-focused portion.

We asked Sehorn specifically about the state of the USC program - which he deems a double standard compared to what other programs have faced for worse offecses. This lead to a conversation about the recent SI cover story, Confessions of an agent, in which Josh Luchs dimes out the entire industry.

Sehorn notes just how rampant agents, or more specifically their bag men, are on campuses, and how their is no apparent way to combat it:
"The NCAA turns a blind eye to it. They only want the ones that are obvious. They don’t understand that every single campus with talented kids who are going to be first or second round picks have...runners. He’s the one handing out the money...

It’s rampant. It’s everywhere. The universities are aware of it. They can’t stop it. There’s nothing you can do to it. Because the people who are associated with it aren’t physically agents. So you can’t suspend them. They’re not committing a crime yet. Because they’re not an agent."
Watch Part I:

Sehorn joined Johnson in promoting 1 Million Poses, a program in which for every Captain Morgan pose people upload to the brand's Facebook page, they will donate a dollar to promoting responsible drinking.

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