Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jason Sehorn Part II: On the NFC East, the NFL Judicial System and More

Yesterday, Jason Sehorn was vocal about the systematic and seemingly unsolvable problem of agents with their claws in potential NFL first and second rounders on college campuses.

Today, Sehorn pulls no punches as he talks about the hypocrisy of the NFL's justice system with Goodell's office being judge jury and executioner, the softening of the game that was brought about by the crackdown on big hits, the potential of Jerry Jones to morph into Al Davis and the overall absurdity of the Washington Redskins.

"The best thing going for the Giants and the Eagles right now is Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder."

On Mike Shanahan's handling of Donovan McNabb:
"Disastrous. In my 10 years in the NFL, I never once played in a game where the starting quarterback was removed in the 2 minute offense when you could still win the football game...

Leave Albert Haynesworth in the picture and you see a philosophy here of 'if you're not my guy, this is how I'm gonna treat you.'

...And what they've done to Donovan McNabb, he's clearly not Mike's guy...he's not gonna be there after this year."
On crack down on hard hits: "Ridiculous. You can't arbitrarily decide after week four and 3 big hits that you're going to change the way we analyze this...When you appeal these fines do you know who you appeal them to? Right back to the league office. The people who fined you."

On TOcho: "I don't get it. At what point do you become a personality and not a football player any more? To each his own."

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