Monday, March 21, 2011

Phillies Fans Are Something Worth Being #1

When GQ mailed it in last week with a their "Worst Sports Fans in America" piece and named Phillies and Eagles fans 1 and 2, respectfully, they predictably went the "Hey! They booed Santa Claus!" route.

What was lost in the piece was the reason the fans care enough to boo. And I could rehash any number of reasons Philly fans are great, but then I'd be as unscientific as Gentleman's Quarterly.

Thankfully someone did some real research, and lo and behold! Phillies fans come out on top among MLB teams in Fan Loyalty.

From Bloomberg

The Philadelphia Phillies have the most loyal fans in Major League Baseball, surpassing the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, a survey found...

New York-based Brand Keys Inc. compiled the 19th annual Sports Loyalty Index by surveying 250 fans in each team’s market and assessing the data based on factors driven by on-field success, fan bonding with players and the franchise’s history and tradition. A club’s effort and sense of teamwork also can have an effect.

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