Friday, July 15, 2011

NYG Steve Smith on Lockout, USC, Steve Smiths & Tofu

It's not everyday you have the opportunity to share tofu culinary creations with a Super Bowl-winning Pro-Bowl wide receiver in the backyard of the greatest city on earth. Actually, we'd venture to say this sort of thing only comes about once in a lifetime.

So when we saw that New York Giant Steve Smith was serving as brand ambassador for House Foods Super Firm Tofu, we sent our North Jersey correspondents Eddie and Mike to mingle with Smith and sample various dishes featuring the stuff at (of all places) an esteemed steakhouse, River Palm Terrace Restaurant in Edgewater, NJ.

Who knows. These two manly 30 nothings may have just found themselves a new healthy summer barbecue alternative.

Thanks to our friends at Garden State on a Plate for the hookup.


House Foods put together a dinner to introduce their new line of "super firm tofu" endorsed by Steve Smith of the New York football Giants. Having never eaten anything with tofu before, I was a little hesitant at first but was assured by those around me that there was nothing to be afraid of. I mean, who even knew that tofu came in different levels of firmness? Maybe I'm just not all that worldly. In any event, we gathered in a private room at the River Palm Terrace in Edgewater, NJ. Smith said a few words and the meal was served. Everything except the main course included tofu in some form.
  • Appetizers: Tomato and tofu skewers, Maryland crab and tofu cakes, chopped salad featuring tofu cubes
  • Main Course: Choice between Jumbo Shrimp, King salmon, Grilled rib-eye, Filet mignon
  • Desert: Tofu Cheesecake

As I said, I am NOT a tofu eater, but there wasn't anything on the menu that I would not order again. Everything was excellent, which I think is as much a testament to the people at the River Palm as to House Foods' great product.

Expanding my food options aside, the biggest things I learned tonight were: A. Smith is a very laid back guy, very approachable. He even seem a little nervous in talking to me (I think I intimidated him); B. He absolutely loves tofu. It sounds a little odd, but this is not a product he blindly endorses. In fact, as he notes in the video below, he approached them for the endorsement.

Thanks to Eddie Z. for the write up and video and to Mike McLaughlin for the images.

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