Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fantasy "Expert" Brandon Funston Must Know He's Full of Poop

The term fantasy expert is a plain old farce. Yet, some people can honestly believe they have an inkling more knowledge than the casual fan because they can read stats better or quicker or more in depth or something.

And those people can keep a straight face when others refer to them with such an elaborate title and hand them a check. That's really what sets fantasy experts apart - the ability to not laugh at the naïveté of the public and their bosses.

Take Brandon Funston for example. Just this week he advised Yahoo players to not just sit Plax Burress, but to drop him altogether after his paltry start. If that's not mailing in a segment, I don't know what is.

The former inmate (Plax not Fun) responded with a breakout game that included 3 TDs.

I can't wait to hear Fun lament next week about grabbing Plax off the waiver wires after he and Sanchize have turned a corner and become more familiar with one another. Likely he'll have to hold in his amusement of knowing how full of poop it all is.

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Eric G said...

Matthew Berry said the same exact thing on ESPN Sunday morning on Fantasy Football Now.

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