Friday, November 2, 2007

Ren's Ten: Cleaning Out the Garage

Having become a home owner, my parents have finally come clean on their word to throw out all my old crap unless I move it out in a timely manner. By old crap, they primarily mean my card collection.

After going through the first box of randomness (very few of my cards are in any particular order - something I have vowed to tackle with the relocation process), the following 10 were all found in the same container. It gave me an idea to periodically (ie as I go through them) put together topical lists of the cards I find.

This first list is comprised of former players who have gone on to become commentators in some capacity.

Section 1: Locals and Fringe Commentators

Player: Dave Gallagher
Station: Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
Notes: While this is a stretch, Gally is probably somewhat well-known (and dare I say respected? - ok that's a stretch) in the Philadelphia sports area, and has contributed to Comcast Phillies coverage throughout the season. The native Trentonian fits right in with his Philadelphia/Southern Jersey drawl that is hard to ignore.
Card: 1991 Topps #349

Player: Mitch Williams
Station: Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia (Daily News Live, Postgame Live), WIP Morning Show (contributer)
Notes: Mitchy Poo recast himself as a straight-shooter in the Philadelphia market and regularly makes light of his infamous pitch to Joe Carter in Game 6 of the 1993 Series.
Card: 1992 Score (Dream Team insert) #892

Player: Mike Pagliarulo
Notes: Hates Billy Beane.
Card: 1992 Fleer #216

Section 2: Big Boys

Player: Howie Long
Station: FOX (NFL)
Notes: Amazing that a former NFL lineman (and a good one at that) and actor (and a failed one at that) is the brains behind your football coverage.
Card: 1992 Score #299

Yes, that's Rony Rebound he's taking it to.

Player: Brad Daugherty
Station: ESPN (NASCAR Now, NASCAR Countdown)
Notes: Says HHR resident NASCAR expert Rusty: He's still learning, but he's decent. Even though he's a Tarheel, I try to ignore that fact since he doesn't report on basketball. It's NC, home of NASCAR, birthplace of NASCAR, so I'll allow it.
Card: 1992 NBA Hoops #38

Player: Eric Young
Station: ESPN (Baseball Tonight)
Notes: HHR are NOT big fans. Bring back the Patron Saint.
Card: 1991 Line Drive #548

Player: Merril Hoge
Station: ESPN (NFL), ESPN2 (College Football)
Notes: Snappy dresser, snappier commentator. Nice transition.
Card: 1990 Pro Set Collect-A-Books #NA

Player: Mark Gubicza
Station: FSN West (MLB Analyst)
Notes: Despite the card listing Phila, PA as his hometown, Wiki tells us he is another Trenton-native, which scores points with the HHR team. Not nearly as many points, however, as his mullet which in our humble opinion would make Barry Melrose weap.
Card: 1992 Pinnacle #102.

Player: Greg Anthony
Station: ESPN & ABC (NBA)
Notes: Another great transition. Insightful and intelligent. Forever working feverishly to get from under Grandmama's shadow.
Card: 1994 Upper Deck #292

Section 3: Because It's "Ren's Ten," not "Ren's Nine"

Player: The Splendid Splinter
Station: Paperback: The Science of Hitting
Notes: Something tells me the frozen head would be proud.
Card: 1991 Line Drive #348


Benjamin L. Pray said...

This is awesome...

Ren McCormack said...

Oh there are plenty more where that came from - that was just the first box.

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