Thursday, December 6, 2007

Five Rings * No Cheating

Long-time reader and Stillers fan, Assassin Avenue, will be traveling up the Eastern Seaboard from the Nation's Capitol to meet up with HHR resident wise-ass/Patriot fanatic, the chief The pair will journey to Gillette Stadium for this weekend's AFC match-up. (the chief vows to have some good material post-game)

From Assassin Avenue:

Resident power ranking mocker, the chief, may seem a bit quieter than normal this week. The reason? The dreaded Steelers are coming to down, bent on destroying the dreams of Mr. Bellicheat* and his henchman.

Look forward on Tuesday to a full report, and answers to these and more burning questions:

* How do the Pats react to the Blitzburgh Package of Destruction?
* At what point does the chief start crying?
* Will we watch the game, or just look for Gisele the whole time?

And even if it all goes horribly wrong, ts least Assassin Avenue will be drunk and ruin the chief's hook up with Mr Kraft's tickets. That much is assured. Here's to the Real City of Champions.


the chief said...

"The dreaded Steelers are coming to down"

couldn't have said it better myself.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

That's how he wrote it, and I missed it on the edit. So it stays.

Pro-Hat Party said...

Yeah, that's right. Coming to down Pretty Boy Brady each and every time he goes back to pass. Don't they teach reading skills in Boston? Or is it only your Harvard boys from out of state that can understand 5th grade level paragraphs?

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

I Think Jim Hazlet has something to say about your "No Cheating" claim.

Pro-Hat Party said...

Steroids were NOT ILLEGAL in the NFL in the 70s. Thus, not cheating.