Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hey, Key

Nice suit you got on today.

This is beautiful. What is that? Velvet?

My God, man. Have you no respect? These guys might as well dress like clowns. Ariel touched on Tiki's appearance on Project Runway this week. Think what you will about Tiki and his motives and actions, but at one point on Heidi Klum's show he said to a contestant something along the lines of "I cannot possibly go on the Today Show wearing this. I will be laughed at and embarrassed." At least he gets it.

Speaking of Coming to America, it's sad that this clip is about as relevant analysis than anything we see on any given Sunday with Key, Emmit, Boom and the crew. Though we give a pass to TJ. For now. Though, consider yourself on notice. We got our eye on you.

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