Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sign of the Apocalypse

With pride we take full credit for introducing the shenanigans of our local tabloid to the sports blogosphere. After posting it early last Friday, Clemens butt has become the online buzz post-Mitchell Report release. You saw it here first, folks. We highly doubt all the big sites frequent the local Trenton papers the way we do.

It now seems our reach goes far beyond the online community. Perusing our favorite SI section, SI Players, where we generally scour for the next Shane Victorino or Will Demps, we found something that made us leap from our seats.

Sign the Apocalypse is upon us: HHR scoops SI's print edition (Page 22).


Sean said...

Nice to see SI continuing with their lack of crediting blogs. I believe they did that a while ago with a John Amechi quote from With Leather

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

In the same vain, the NY Post Gossip section today says says 'Alycia Lane stuff available on cafe press.' No mention that actually created the stuff.

Sean said...

and blogs have no credibility...hah...half the crap these news places get their stuff is blogs