Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Misdirected Anger

First I lull you into a false sense of security, then BAM! Don't worry, yours is coming.
(Photo: msnbc)

Far be it for him to look in the mirror and accept a bit of responsibility for his own lackluster performance this past weekend, TO instead decides to take his frustration out on a sweet, innocent pop starlet (which, coincidentally, is everything he wants to be).

"Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite -- in this locker room or in Texas Stadium," Owens said Wednesday.

Well, I will give him credit. Whereas his quarterback is the deserved culprit for screwing the pooch in Big D, Terrell for once decided not to throw his quarterback under the bus.

The Old TO would have rephrased that: "Right now, Tony Romo is not a fan favorite -- in this locker room or in Texas Stadium." Looks like he grows up a little.

While it is easy to point to hot trim as Romo's kryptonite, the real issue is his inability to perform in a tight spot (ask Underwood), not his weakness for Hollywood vag. Maybe Terrell can blame Parcells for that.

I fret not. Once he's done hoggin' with the Tuna, I'm sure he'll go all Garcia-McNabb on Cowboy Tony.


the chief said...

this is all bull crap. if i was playing for/near/in memoriam of jessica simpson, i would play lights out. her presence stopped him from a 10 INT night and 11 broken fingers. yeah, that's right. 11. jessica simpson should be revered in dallas for preventing the worst game in dallas qb history. some people might think guys like FDNY and NYPD define what heroism is. i say its jessica simpson.

Ren McCormack said...