Friday, December 14, 2007

Suddenly Suzyn (doesn't feel well)

Let's just skip all the pleasantries and get right down to business. I am feeling a little under the weather. Yesterday was a long, exhausting day and I got no sleep last night. My head is pounding.

The entire world has given their opinion on what went down yesterday afternoon and now it’s time for Suze to weigh in on the subject. For better or worse, yesterday will rank up there with Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech, Babe Ruth retiring, Thurman Munson day, and Citibank Hat day as a pivotal turning point for this franchise.

The Yankees finalized the A-Rod deal, and I couldn’t be happier.

What a great day to be a Yankee fan! Alex Rodriguez is going to be in pinstripes for the rest of his career. He will break Barry Bond’s homerun record as a Yankee. He will go into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee. He will be mentioned in the same breath as other Yankee Hall of Famers like Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. Years from now he will be the main attraction when Old Timer's Day comes around and he is surrounded by other integral pieces of the Yankee dynasty. Guys like Mike Stanton, Chuck Knoblauch, and Dave Justice, who played important roles in several Yankee championships. I’ve reserved my Old Timer's day tickets for then next decade.

It was truly a historic day.

I was ecstatic, but for some reason, everyone from the organization seemed a bit nervous yesterday. Mr. Brian was preparing for the Mitchell Report at 2pm. I am not one for MSNBC news shows (although that Anderson Cooper could spin me in a 360 any day), or news in general, so I went out with a couple of girls from administration and we partied for the rest of the afternoon. Let’s just say those Peppermint Twists go down a little too smooth. Just like Ole’ Suze. (I AM SO DEVILISH!)

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