Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Joe Simpson - Marketing Genius

Everytime I scroll through my daily assortment of celebrity gossip sites, I can't seem to find a Jessica Simpson story that doesn't mention her new bf Tony I mean Romo.

After a crap-storm of poor PR following her infamous divorce from Nick Lachey, Jessica only experienced failures - an album that sold poorly, a joke of a movie career, and an even worse relationship with John Mayer (I mean, really? He is so not attractive and his music sucks balls).

Joe Simpson was able to relaunch his buxom daughter back into the praises of the media, and in a quitely timely manner. As she finished shooting her next big film, Major Movie Star (I'm setting the over/under at 2 weeks in the theater... any takers?), and begins work on her new album, Joe courted his daughter a good-ole honest Cowboy to put her back in the celebrity limelight.

He turned this....

Into this...
So until this one goes sour, we'll constantly be reminded that Jessica is indeed from Texas, that she is dating Tony Romo, and that her career only exists because her dad shamelessly exploits her for a hefty paycheck.

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