Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Commercial CRitic: League of Bandwagon

The following commercial was forwarded to the CRitic for reasons that many would find obvious.

Gatorade jumped on the Eli and Giants bandwagon. I am surprised that they didn't take Nike and Reebok's route and focus on the Patriots missing the sacks rather than Eli breaking the tackles.

Did Trent Dilfer get this many advertising deals when the Ravens defense carried him to a Super Bowl victory? Or, are we finally seeing why Archie helped his boy throw a temper tantrum during the draft? New York media is like a lottery winner in a titty bar.

At first glance the commercial seems cliche with the music, but after visiting the website it is clear that the climatic chanting music is a theme for the League of Clutch, so I will cut them a break. The league also uses the increasingly popular moving photograph. Cool technology, I know Scott Baio is a fan.

I don't have many problems with the spot other than the fact that they are insinuating Eli Manning is consistently clutch. Sure that play was clutch, no doubt about it, but shouldn't there be a historical precedent in order for a professional athlete to join the league.

According to the website it currently includes Sharapova, Dwayne Wade and Manning...Peyton. No signs of Eli, not even in the coming soon section. It looks like Gatorade joined the league of companies scrambling to put together a commercial to knobjob Eli.

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