Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Howard Eskin: Racist Fraud (With Audio)

Howard Eskin is one of the most pompous, self-righteous radio hosts in the country, as well as a well-known apologist for franchises and players who provide him "access."

A caller on his show today noted that while listeners have been vocal about the miserable state of the NBA, that possibly this perception is due to the fact that the they are stuck watching the 76ers.

The caller mentioned that some of the exciting players in the league - Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and LeBron are giving the league its most promising play in the last decade. He noted that the 10 top teams in the West this year could rival some of the better teams over the last 10 years, and that upstarts like the Blazers show hope for an improved league in the future.

Of course, Eskin went on to belittle the caller. That's his shtick. He berated the top-10-team argument and proceeded to poke holes in some of the league's top players - Duncan is "boring" and LeBron "doesn't have a personality or character." At which time the caller noted that LeBron puts up a "triple-double every night" - obviously a slight exaggeration, but for a player averaging 30/7/7, not that far off. Well, Howard jumped all over this "hyperbole," insisting the guy is wrong and un-credible for this triple-double claim.

That's when, in an effort to get the final word, Eskin dropped a little hyperbole of his own: "The games all look the same and the players all look the same."

Here's the audio:

For a league pushing 80% African-American, Howard might as well have called it a league of "nappy-headed bros."

The players ALL look the same?

Eskin, well known for dropping a ghetto-laden accent on perceived black-sounding callers (or as he refers to them, "dawgs"), knows a thing or two about look-alikes.

What if we were to say that all red-headed, over-the-hill, bearded, Philadelphia drive- time sports talk show hosts who send flowers to depressed soon-to-be murdered housewives they meet on-line look like the Burger King? Would such generalizations be justified, dawg?

Thanks to Meech1 for help with the audio.

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