Monday, March 24, 2008

Massholes to Spygate Prober Specter: Screw You & Your Cancer

Photo: Slate
From today's Hotline:
"To promote his new book chronicling his battle with cancer," Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) "inexplicably made a call-in appearance on WZLK-FM, a classic rock station in Boston" last week. That city is "ground zero of the fan base for the New England Patriots, a team Specter has dragged through the mud in his never-ending Sypgate investigation." Callers to the show "weren't particularly interested in hearing Specter chat up his new survival tome." One "irate" caller "accused Specter of wasting government time and money" on Spygate. Specter: "Let me tell you something important, I had cancer..." Caller: "I don't care!" (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/23).
The Boston Herald quotes "fired up fan Dave":

“How can they waste government money on this with people starving in this country, people dying every day . . . this is a ridiculous waste of money. You’re wasting time on a friggin’ football game."

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