Monday, March 17, 2008

Charles Darwin Brackets: East

It's survival of the fittest, part 3 of 4+.

Charles Darwin Bracket: Midwest
Charles Darwin Bracket: West
Charles Darwin Bracket: South

Round 1

(2)Volunteers over (15) American Eagle

The do-gooders overcome the sassy outfitter.

(7) Jaguars over (10) Bulldogs

Do you like luxury? Jaguars over the pathetic Bulldog.

(3) Cardinals over (14) Broncos

I realize Broncos are the bigger animal but I see a cardinal being annoying enough to fly around and wear the big guy out. I am calling Cardinals in a Darwin upset.

(6) Sooners over (11) Hawks

The hawks will be fiesty but the Sooners live off milk of the land. And all it's creatures.

(4) Cougars over (13) Eagles

Birds don't stand a chance. Especially young birds with a good job and nice cars. F*ck Da Eagles.

(5) Fightin Irish over (12) Patriots

Human vs. Human. This is anyone's ball game. But don't screw with the Irish on the week of St. Pat's. They are working on a weeklong hangover and no sleep.

(9) Razorbacks over (8) Hoosiers

Coach stays. I play. He goes, I go. Doesn't matter, those Hogs are nasty.

(1) Tarheels over either (16) The Mount or another f'n Eagle.

Tarheel wins and can we get rid of some of these Eagle teams (unoriginal bastards)

Second Round

(9) Razorbacks over (1) Tarheels

The goat ain't got a chance.

(4) Cougars over (5) Fightin Irish

A wild animal against a liquored up hooligan. I'll take the wild animal.

(6) Sooners over (3) Cardinals

Another bird opponent? Come on.

(7) Jaguars over (2) Volunteers

Let this be a lesson about Volunteering for anything. Jaguars.

Sweet 16

(7) Jaguars over (6) Sooners

It was a good run for the humans but all those bird fights made them soft.

(4) Cougars over (9) Razorbacks

This would be a hell of a slobberknocker but I think the Cougars pull it out. Razor probably stumbles around tanked worried about his libido.

Elite 8

(4) Cougars over (7) Jaguars

This is a toss up, considering both beasts would put up a hell of a fight. So let's think of this logically. Cougars usually drive Jaguars, so I'll take the Cougars...your Eastern regional champion.

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